Better prevention and management of side effects


Better prevention and management of side effects

Cancer treatments are associated with a large number of dermatological side effects and their symptoms are often very disabling for patients.

These effects are often little known and poorly treated. One of the most common effects is inflammation of the oral mucosa, or mucositis, which affects one in two patients. It is an early toxic effect of chemotherapy, radiotherapy or certain targeted therapies and is a real problem for the patient. His/her quality of life, food intake or even continued treatment may be significantly impacted.

Emmanuelle Vigarios, odontologist, and Vincent Sibaud, dermatologist, two specialists of the IUCT O have combined their expertise to offer a specific and innovative form of management : " we opened a multidisciplinary service dedicated to diseases of the oral mucosa  and we develop new therapeutic approaches. Low energy laser, for example, gives  very encouraging results in patients with mucositis.  Maintaining good quality of life during therapy is essential for the treatment to be successful" explains Emmanuelle Vigarios.