The professionals who will take care of you

Professionals specialized in oncology are involved in all stages of your treatment at the IUCT Oncopole. Responsible for  care quality and safety, they will ensure that you are welcomed properly and will explain to you how the examinations and treatments will take place.  

The physicians
Whilst the consultant coordinates the care of a patient, all the therapeutic decisions are the result of dialogue and cross-consultation between various specialized physicians. The consultant is responsible for treatment continuity, working with the primary care physician. He/she is responsible for providing the primary care physician with information about the required treatment or follow-up.

 Paramedical professionals
Patients are cared for on a daily basis and their health is monitored by a medical team (nurses, nursing assistants, technicians) working closely with the physicians under the responsibility of the head of service. Some specialized caregivers (sophrology, stomal therapy) and paramedical professionals (nutritionists, psychologists, etc.) may also be called on during treatment, monitoring patients' quality of life.

Medical secretaries

They manage appointments and medical records, and pass on your medical reports to your primary care physician. They are a valuable source of assistance   for patients receiving care at the IUCT Oncopole, and ensure a link with the consultant.

Catering personnel
They take orders for meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and serve you in your room.

Hospital orderlies
They are responsible for the cleanliness and functionality of the hospital environment.

Hospital porters
They are responsible for moving patients around the hospital.