The IUCT Oncopole consists of a cancer center, the Institut Claudius Regaud, and the oncology services of Toulouse University Hospital Center.
The combination of the two institutions took the form of a healthcare cooperation consortium (GCS).
The President : the Director General of Toulouse University Hospital Center
The Director General  : the Director General of the Institut Claudius Regaud (ICR)


Each institution retains its status  :

  • The ICR is a cancer treatment center (CLCC), a private community service healthcare institution. The prefect of the Tarn is the Chairman of the Board. The ICR is part of the UNICANCER group that includes the cancer centers (CLCC) and their Federation (FFCLCC).
  • The oncology services of the University Hospital Center remain an integral part of Toulouse University Hospital.  


Administration of the IUCT Oncopole

Director General 
Prof. Michel Attal
Secretary: (+33) 05 31 15 50 01

Deputy Director
Jean-Marc Perez
Secretary: (+33) 05 31 15 50 04

Director IUC Oncopole-CHU
Elvis Cordier
Telephone: (+33) 05 31 15 63 73

Director of Medical Affairs
Prof. Jean-Pierre Delord
Secretary: (+33) 05 31 15 57 04

Directors of healthcare
Guilaine Redon - Laurence Vernejoux, Christelle Deymie
Secretary: (+33) 05 31 15 50 41

Senior Manager IUC Oncopole-CHU
Thierry Rey
Telephone: (+33) 05 31 15 63 62