Skin cancers

Malignant tumors of the skin fall into two main groups: carcinomas and melanomas. Melanomas develop from cells in the skin called melanocytes. They account for a minority of skin cancers.

Coordinating physicians: 
Prof. Nicolas Meyer
Dr Dimitri Gangloff

Appointments and medical information 
Oncophone: (+33) 5 31 15 60 60

Specific follow-up and complex cases

Medical assistant of the committee: (+33) 5 31 15 60 72


The skin cancer coordination committee

Each person is managed by a coordinating committee comprising various specialists who make the appropriate therapeutic decisions and define the personalized treatment program, whatever the disciplines involved in the treatment.

The committee also plays a prospective role in terms of innovation. It proposes diagnostic and therapeutic innovation themes, particularly the development of clinical trials.   


Collaboration with CRCT teams :



Patients at high risk of hereditary predisposition are managed by Purpan IUCT.


Medical team

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