Clinical services

The IUCT Oncopole treats all patients requiring care for the following diseases: hematological diseases, women's cancers, ENT cancers, skin cancers (melanomas), certain sarcomas, urologic cancers (medical, innovative).
Other specialties of the Institute: radiation therapy, imaging, nuclear medicine and brachytherapy.

Together with Purpan IUCT and Rangueil-Larrey IUCT, the IUCT Oncopole offers a complete range of treatments without duplication.

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Répartition des spécialités de l'IUCT

INCa-accredited national referral networks

The IUCT-Oncopole is a regional referral center for nine rare cancers:

CARADERM: rare skin cancers (contact: Prof. N. Meyer)

CARARE:  rare kidney cancers (contact: Dr. C. Chevreau)

NETSARC: soft tissue and visceral sarcomas (contact: Dr. C. Chevreau)

POLA: high-grade oligodendrogliomas (contact: Prof. E. Moyal)

REF-COR: rare head and neck cancers (contact: Prof. S. Vergez)

RENAPE: rare peritoneal cancers (contact: Dr. G. Ferron)

RESOS: bone sarcomas (contact: Dr. C. Chevreau)

TMRO: rare ovarian cancers (contact: Dr. G. Ferron)

TUTHYREF: refractory thyroid cancers (contact: Dr. S Zerdoud)


It is also a regional pathology referral center for four rare cancers:

LYMPHOPATH: lymphomas (contact: Prof. P. Brousset)

MESOPATH: malignant pleural mesotheliomas and rare retroperitoneal tumors (contact: Dr. I. Rouquette)

RRePS: soft tissue and visceral sarcomas (contact: Dr. P. Rochaix)

TENpath: rare neuroendocrine tumors (contact: Dr. M. Danjoux)