Hematology is the medical discipline specializing in blood disorders (diseases of the blood and bone marrow).

Coordinating physicians: 
Prof. Christian Récher
Dr Anne Huynh

Appointments and medical information
Secretary : (+33) 05 31 15 55 27
Fax: (+33) 05 31 15 60 38

Specific follow-up and complex cases
Nurse: (+33) 05 31 15 63 09


The IUCT Oncopole treats four major groups of hematological malignancies:

- acute leukemias 
- malignant lymphomas 
- myelomas and myelodysplastic syndromes 
- autoimmune cytopenias.
The hematology coordination committee 
Each person is managed by a coordination committee comprising various specialists who make the appropriate therapeutic choices and define the personalized treatment program, whatever the disciplines involved in the treatment.
The committee also plays a prospective role in innovation terms. It offers  diagnostic and therapeutic innovations, particularly the development of clinical trials.  


Occitanie-Pyrénées referral center
The hematology committee referral center for the Occitanie-Pyrénées region, for which it organizes all MDT meetings. Following the reorganization of France’s regions, the committee worked with its counterparts in Languedoc-Roussillon to produce the first regional guidelines for treating non-Hodgkin lymphomas (NHL). The new guidelines had been requested by the Regional Health Agency.

Extensive involvement in cooperation networks
The hematology committee’s members belong to numerous networks, including the Francophone Intergroup for Myeloma, the French Innovative Leukemia Organization (FILO – Prof. Récher, Scientific Director), fi-LMC/GRAALL, FIM and the SFGM-TC.
In addition, the OCC plays a leading role in the INCa-approved Lymphoma Study Association (LYSA), whose scientific board is chaired by Dr. C. Laurent.

An internationally renowned myeloma team, with Prof. M. Attal

Collaboration with CRCT teams:


Medical team