A world-first at the IUCT-O

A world-first at the IUCT-O

The world's first installation of "DISCOVERY IQ", the latest generation PET scanner*, took place in the imaging/diagnosis department of the IUCT-O.

The first "world" images of the DISCOVERY IQ were taken in autumn 2014. The IUCT-O  is the first institution in the world to have installed the latest generation PET Scanner. This imaging apparatus used for diagnosis in oncology has distinct advantages: "It is faster and more sensitive. PET examinations that lasted 30 minutes will be carried out in between 5 and 12 minutes depending on the indications and the morphology of the patients," says Professor Frederic Courbon, Head of IUCT-O imaging department. DISCOVERY IQ has extraordinary computing power that makes it possible to analyze images more accurately whilst reducing the doses of radiopharmaceuticals or tracers injected into the patient. 

Frederic Courbon adds: "we worked for many months to develop it in collaboration with the R&D engineering teams &from General Electric Healthcare. We receive numerous visits by foreign teams (from Italy, Spain, Austria, Australia, India, etc.) wishing to be trained in DISCOVERY IQ ".

*The PET scan, or positron emission tomography, is a medical imaging method the purpose of which is to study the activity of an organ. The examination involves injecting a tracer into the body, a very small amount of radioactive substance that is safe for the body. Then, an hour later, capturing images of the organ studied using a camera that captures emitted radiation. The tracer concentration in certain areas can then reveal the presence, activity and extent of the cancerous tumors. The PET scan can also be used to check the efficacy of treatment.