At home

The medical teams will give you the contact details of the professionals who can help you and answer your questions. Specific home-monitoring services with set telephone appointments are available to   assist you. They also help organize your appointments with private healthcare professionals.  They are the AMA (Outpatient Assistance) for hematology and COACH  (Coordination Assistance Chemotherapy) for certain chemotherapy protocols.

Your primary care physician is involved in your treatment program and remains your medical contact outside the Institute. He can call the oncologist or " Oncophone " directly on (+33) 05 31 15 60 60.  


AMA ( Outpatient Assistance): telemedicine project based
on systematic  telephone calls to the homes of   patients by a coordinating
nurse. AMA aims  to improve the safety and  comfort of the treatment program  of patients undergoing  chemotherapy for  hematological cancers.

AMA1 (therapeutic stage): detection  of events occurring
at home between courses  of chemotherapy, distance management   of  toxicity caused by  treatment, and coordination  between the hospital unit and the  primary care physician. The goal  is to improve the safety and  efficacy of treatments.

AMA-AC (post-cancer stage): dedicated to patients for providing comprehensive response, based on cooperation between6]the GP, the coordinating nurse and the oncologist, for the detection and  management of physical, psychological and social events once the treatment has ended. The objective is
to improve quality of life.


And always a single phone number  for appointments and
medical information : Oncophone  (+33) 05 31 15 60 60