At the Institute

When you are admitted, the healthcare teams are there to listen to you and answer your questions. The supportive care professionals will help you on a daily basis. Your friends and family can also benefit from their advice.

Visits from friends and family

Suggested visiting hours are between 11:00 and 20:00. In some services  there are specific visiting hours, which  the healthcare team will  inform you of.
If young  children  wish  to  visit  you,  please discuss with the  Health Service Manager. Outside these hours,  for reasons of security and protection of people, we  ask all visitors to go to the reception desk  where they will be given an entry pass allowing them to move around  the Institute. It is  important not to disturb the rest of patients  and, more generally, to strictly respect all  instructions for the operation of the services.

A bed for an accompanying person may be made available in each one-bed room. The request must be made in the service to the person in charge of catering.


Medical information

All patient medical information is confidential. Physicians cannot pass on medical information to the family and friends of patients. It is therefore important to designate a person who may be given this information.



Wellbeing, beauty and self-image

Beauty care Beauticians offer beauty treatments: skin care, makeup, tips etc.
Entertainment Leisure, exchanges and creativity workshops are offered  in some services by volunteers of the ‘Blouses Roses' (Pink Coats) association.
Library The Red Cross offers a wide range of books  for hospitalized patients.