Breast cancers

The IUCT Oncopole treats women with breast cancer.


Coordinating physiciants 
Prof. Florence Dalenc
Dr. Charlotte Vaysse
Dr. Eva Jouve

Appointments and medical information
Oncophone Sein-Gynéco: (+33) 5 31 15 60 61

Specific follow-up and complex cases 
Medical assistant to the committee: (+33) 5 31 15 60 74


The senology coordination committee

The Breast Cancer Coordination Committee consists of a group of specialists that examines every case and decides on the most appropriate therapies and treatment pathways to offer each patient, whichever specialties the treatment calls upon.

The committee also fosters innovation by suggesting possible avenues for developing new diagnostic techniques and therapies, and by conducting clinical trials.

Since February 2018, patients have been able to make appointments and obtain information about all types of women’s cancer by calling a single number: 05 31 15 60 61

Collaborations with the CRCT

And with the “Cancer Microenvironment and Adipocytes” team, CNRS-IPBS UMR5089  (Prof. C. Muller)


The Ongogenetics Coordination Committee takes care of patients with a hereditary predisposition to breast or ovarian cancer.

Medical team

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