Information and consent

Vous avez droit d’être informé sur votre état de santé. Une information claire vous sera donnée au cours d’un entretien individuel avec votre médecin sur les différentes investigations, traitements ou actions de prévention proposés, sur leur utilité, leur urgence, leurs conséquences, leurs risques fréquents ou graves, les alternatives possibles et les conséquences possibles d’un refus.

You are entitled to be as fully informed as possible by health professionals about the various examinations, treatments or preventive measures proposed, their usefulness, their importance, their consequences, their common or serious risks, possible alternatives and the possible consequences of a refusal. The information is given during an individual interview with your physician.

You can choose not to be informed. In this case, please specify this to the physicians monitoring you so that your request can be noted in your medical file. You have the right to express your consent throughout the treatment process and to withdraw it at any time after informing the medical team.

Even in cases where the law does not require it, physicians may be required to seek your written consent.