Pain management, algology

For outpatients or hospitalized patients, the management of pain is a priority for Institute teams. Pain does not exist without a reason, do not let it take hold. Do not hesitate to talk to your physician and caregivers. Pain is not of a single kind; there are several kinds which are differentiated by their origin, duration and intensity. Mental distress increases pain. Everything is done to relieve it, but we cannot always guarantee that it will disappear completely. The pain management protocols are updated by the pain management committee (CLUD).


Practicians specialized in pain management care for ambulatory patients. Ask the care team for requesting their help. 

Dr Antoine Boden
Dr Jacques Pouymayou
Secrétariat : 05 31 15 60 60 (Oncophone)

Palliative care ​

A pain and palliative care team (practicians and nurses) care for patients hospitalized in traditional services or in the palliative care day hospital. Ask the care team or your referent practician for requesting their help.

Dr Antoine Boden
Dr Marie Bourgouin
Dr Valérie Mauriès

Cécile Lepoix
Carole Notrel
Laurence Richard

Secretary : (+33) 05 31 15 60 18