Palliative care


'The team evaluates the various symptoms (pain, difficulty breathing, digestive disorders, anxiety, etc.) and helps with management in and out of hospital.

A "palliative care" day service offers multidisciplinary assessments to patients receiving palliative care as outpatients. Patients are managed on the request of the oncologist, the primary care physician or the patient him/herself. It also makes it possible to anticipate certain symptoms associated with the disease and to coordinate care with persons in their home. One of the aims being to maintain home patients in the best conditions.
The Institute can accommodate patients in palliative care as part of a conventional hospital stay.


Making an appointment: (+33) 05 31 15 60 18
Pain management-palliative care physician: Dr Valérie Mauriès
Telephone: (+33) 05 31 15 51 48