Quality and satisfaction

Votre expression est importante, quelle soit positive ou négative. Pour optimiser la qualité de la prise en charge, votre avis est indispensable. L'IUCT-Oncopole prend en considération toutes vos remarques. Celles-ci permettent d’optimiser en continu la qualité et la sécurité de la prise en charge.

The Institute takes all your comments into consideration. This helps continuously to optimize the quality and safety of your care. Thus, it is important that you express yourself, whether positively or negatively.
The Institute offers several  possibilities:

  • discussing matters with the health service manager of the relevant service;
  • meeting volunteers of the "Maison des associations";
  • completing a suggestions/positive feedback form available in in the reception areas;
  • sending a letter to Director General of the Institute.

To optimize the quality of your care, your opinion is indispensable. We also collect views through sporadic surveys.

The IUCT-Oncopole meets criteria of excellence during all stages of your care. The criteria of excellence apply to the skills of the medical staff
and paramedical personnel  and to equipment and hospitalization conditions. To comply with these standards, two health facilities have joined forces : Toulouse University Hospital Center (CHU) and Institut Claudius Regaud (ICR). The first is a public institution, whilst the second is a private institution participating in the public hospital service. Thus, on the same site, experts from institutions with different statuses coordinate their efforts for your care.
This organization is currently unique in France. It requires requesting your express consent in two areas :

  1. 1) Whether you are admitted to the ICR or to Toulouse University Hospital Center, you must agree that physicians from the University Hospital Center and from the ICR participate in your treatment regardless of which institution they work for, particularly in cases of emergency or outside working hours. Naturally, you remain free to choose your consultant physician in accordance with regulations.
  2. 2) You must give permission to healthcare professionals from both institutions, the University Hospital Center and the ICR, to access  the data in your medical file required for your care, particularly in an emergency situation. The rules relating to medical confidentiality evidently apply to all professionals of the Institute.

You will be asked to  give your written consent upon arrival.