Le partenariat Stade Toulousain / IUCT-O

Why is physical activity important?

- It improves quality of life and well-being.

- It reduces the risk of relapse.

- It reduces the side effects of treatment (weight gain, muscle loss, breathlessness, pain, fatigue, etc.).

- It helps you take control of your body.

- It provides opportunities to chat, look forward to the future and have fun.

Sport and Cancer Survey

In order to find out whether the Sport and Cancer initiative truly benefits patients, CAMI and the IUCT-Oncopole carried out a survey of 200 patients who had followed the program for six months. For the intra-hospital part of the program:

  • 76% of patients felt less tired (main side effect for patients). 
  • 69% of patients increased the strength of their grip (a simple and reliable indicator of the disease to come).
  • 9 out of 10 patients increased the strength and flexibility of their lower limbs.
  • 86% of patients increased their stamina.

The Sport and Cancer Initiative

As soon as they begin their treatment, patients have the opportunity to take part in a physical activity program specially adapted to the constraints imposed by cancer. Patients wishing to join one of these programs must take a physical and obtain a prescription. 

The Sport and Cancer Initiative provides free:

  • Supervised weekly physical activity sessions (one postural gymnastics session and one Nordic walking session) for a period of between six months and a year.
  • Three-monthly check-ups carried out in conjunction with the healthcare teams.


Physical activity consultations

Before beginning a physical activity program, you will meet with a CAMI Sport & Cancer health and fitness advisor who will help you adapt your physical activity to your needs and preferences. These consultations, which are held at the IUCT-Oncopole, include a few simple tests that will enable you to measure your progress during the program.
NB: In some cases, a preliminary consultation with a doctor from the IUCT-Oncopole’s physical medicine and rehabilitation department may be necessary.



Physical activity sessions

Physical activity sessions enable you to enjoy a physical activity adapted to the constraints imposed by cancer and its treatment. Every session is supervised by a health and fitness advisor with specific training in physical activity for cancer patients.
The postural gymnastics and Nordic walking sessions are centered round CAMI Sport & Cancer’s specially designed Médiété® method, which consists of a structured  sequence of movements and exercises that call upon every part of the body.
Sessions last an hour and are held in groups at the Ligue Contre le Cancer 31 (see the plan).


How to take part

Step 1 > Talk with your family doctor who will direct you:

  • Either to CAMI Sport & Cancer (in which case he/she will give you a medical certificate prescribing adapted physical activity);
  • Or to the cancer rehabilitation department.

Step 2 > Make an appointment with:

  • Either the CAMI Sport & Cancer health and fitness advisor, by calling the Ligue Contre le Cancer 31 on 05 61 54 17 17 (don’t forget to say that you are calling to register for the Sport & Cancer Program). The educator will direct you to sessions on site or at Ernest Wallon Stadium (Stade Toulousain Rugby Club).
  • Or the cancer rehabilitation department: 05 31 15 55 26.