About us

The IUCT Oncopole comprises the Institut Claudius Regaud, a cancer center, and several teams from Toulouse University Hospital Center. The two institutions offer the expertise of 1500 professionals specialized in oncology on the same site. The Institute is located in the heart of a campus grouping together public and private stakeholders involved in the fight against cancer.  It has three tasks: treatment, research and teaching.

Specializing in rare and complex diseases, the IUCT Oncopole treats all patients requiring care for the following diseases  : hematological cancers, women's cancers, ENT cancers, skin cancers (melanomas), certain sarcomas, urologic diseases (medical, innovative surgery).

The Institute has all the oncological specialties required to detect, treat and monitor disease: surgery, medicine, radiotherapy and brachytherapy, nuclear medicine, interventional imaging, biology and anatomical pathology. Management of diseases is based on   a multidisciplinary approach ensuring care quality: patient records are discussed and studied at weekly meetings attended by physicians from different specialties. All patients therefore enjoy a personalized treatment program, the result of cooperation between different specialists.

Physicians and researchers work   on innovative therapeutic programs on a daily basis.  The Institute has made  high-technology platforms available to them  for optimal management, promptly taking into account the most recent advances whether diagnostic or therapeutic.

The IUCT Oncopole is part of the public oncology group located at the following sites : IUCT Oncopole, Purpan IUCT  and Rangueil-Larrey IUCT.

The three sites themselves are part of a regional treatment network grouping together 39 public and private health institutions, the IUCT coordinated by Oncomip.



  • 10 000 new patients per year
  • 80 000 appointments per year
  • 2500 patients treated by radiotherapy annually
  • 306 beds and places
  • 7 accelerators
  • 7 operating theaters, including 1 dedicated to R&D.