The cancer biology laboratory

The laboratory includes biochemical tumor markers, pharmacology-pharmacokinetics and molecular oncology activities, and develops research programs.

Head of the Laboratory : Prof. Gilles Favre
Biological engineer : Christine Toulas
Secretary: 05 31 15 52 01

  • Biochemistry-tumor markers division

- Biochemistry tests  
- tumor markers associated with the establishment of the biological resources center
- biological support for clinical investigations and constitution of biological fluids for the biological resources center
- discovery and validation of biomarkers.

  • Pharmacology division

- pharmacokinetics
- assay of cancer treatment drugs

  • Molecular oncology division

- molecular oncogenetics combined with oncogenetic appointments, 

- pharmacogenetics activity, 
- development of translational research activity in oncogenetics.


The pharmacology laboratory handles therapeutic monitoring activities and has a support function for the regional and national research teams.

Pharmacology is a scientific speciality that studies the mechanisms of interaction between an active substance such as a drug molecule and the body in which it is active. Therapeutic drug monitoring consists of measuring circulating plasma concentrations of a drug to ensure it is properly eliminated from the body, or that the measured concentration matches the expected therapeutic level.

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