The thematic projects with IUCT-O medical departments

Every year since 1993, the Ministry of Health had made a call for proposals to help hospital teams obtain funding for clinical research projects over 4 years, as part of the  hospital clinical research program (PHRC). The National Cancer Institute (INCa) has managed the oncology section since 2005, working with the Directorate General of health care provision. The Toulouse teams regularly stand out for being chosen to participate in the hospital clinical research program (PHRC).


The IUCT Oncopole hematology department   was selected for the hospital clinical research program (PHRC) in 2013.
The project focuses on evaluating the effects of the new packaging of two drugs and subsequent autologous stem cell transplant in patients younger than 66 years of age with multiple myelomas (phase III study).



Two hospital clinical research programs (PHRC) in surgery have been ongoing at the IUCT Oncopole since 2013.
The first studies the possibility of retaining the skin pouch and the areola mammae for patients having to undergo mastectomy and wanting breast reconstruction.
The second is a comparative study between extensive surgery often performed for early cervical cancer and less invasive surgery (removal of the cervix) - (phase III study).