The pharmacy

The pharmacy consists of a chemotherapy preparation unit, an internal use pharmacy, a pharmacology laboratory and a nuclear pharmacy.

Pharmacie IUCT Oncopole

Head : Prof. Jean-Marie Canonge
Deputy Head : Dr Florent Puisset
Secretary: (+33) 05 31 15 52 52 - 05 31 15 62 74
Drug delivery to outpatients: (+33) 05 31 15 52 67

Internal use pharmacy health service manager: Nelson Moteyen
Telephone: (+33) 05 31 15 52 59
Chemotherapy reconstitution unit health service manager: Yann Crétu
Telephone: (+33) 05 31 15 62 85


The chemotherapy reconstitution unit (UPCO) supplies the three IUCTs (Oncopole, Purpan, Rangueil-Larrey) for chemotherapy.
Head : Dr Florent Puisset


The nuclear pharmacy's main task is the preparation of radiopharmaceuticals used in nuclear medicine.
Head : Dr Séverine Brillouet


The pharmacy dispenses medicines and medical devices to the treatment units.
Head : Dr Véronique Flanzy


The clinical research unit
Head: Dr Anaïs Grand



In 2017, the IUCT-Oncopole became France’s first healthcare establishment to obtain ISO 9001:2015  certification for the management of the anticancer drug circuit.



In terms of research, the IUCT-Oncopole’s pharmacy focuses on drug interactions and therapeutic monitoring of oral anticancer drugs, as well as on evaluating ways of individualizing anticancer prescriptions. To this end, it works with CRCT teams 12 (M. Poirot and S. Silvente-Poirot) and 14 (E. Chatelut)