The IUCT Oncopole comprises the Institut Claudius Regaud and some teams from Toulouse University Hospital Center. It treats all stages of the following types of cancers: hematological cancers, female cancers, ENT cancers, skin cancers, certain sarcomas, urologic cancers (medical, innovative surgery).

The expertise of teams and their specialized medical practices in rare and complex cancers make it a national reference institute. It works closely with all the oncology care facilities in the region. The regional network guarantees equal access to innovation and to quality care, regardless of where patients live.

The Institute has 17 medical-technical departments and a technical support center which is among the most innovative in France.
The Institute favors an overall approach to disease, taking into account all its components whether medical, psychological or social. Each treatment program is set up in consultation with a multidisciplinary team of specialists.


Public cancer care in Toulouse:

Répartition des spécialités de l'IUCT