The IUCT Oncopole has pooled its skills and resources with those of Purpan and Rangueil-Larrey IUCTs to meet the challenges posed by their therapeutic innovation program. The objective of this scientific force is to speed up the provision of diagnostic and therapeutic innovations for patients.

The Institute  groups together experts in a continuum ranging from basic research to clinical research. Basic research is carried out by 21 teams at the Toulouse Cancer Research Center (CTRC). The translational research teams use molecular biology and genetics platforms and one of Europe's leading anatomical pathology services. The biological resources center groups together all the tumor samples from the cancer services of the  University Hospital Center  and the Institut Claudius Regaud  .

The IUCT Oncopole also has an INCa-designated  early-phase clinical trial center (CLIPP) and a pharmacology service that is a reference in France.  

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